Muggs Restaurant & Pub

Welcome to my Restaurant & Pub website, This tells you everything about my pub and what it can offer you and your family, We do very very good high quality food here. Unlike hotels in bromsgrove this pub and a dark and secret history which i will talk about later on. For now let's go on to our wonderful and tastey food. We do lots of different types of food from anything like pizza all the way to sea food and so on.

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We have a great, Easy to understand menu. We offer starters, Main course and deserts. We even have a child menu which is half the price which is great bargain for your money. For Deserts we offer a varie, Including our top of the range chocolate fudge cake with a nice soft layer of pouring creame which works really well together,

We also offer top of the range drinks! Anything from fresh out of the barrel Bear all the way to a fresh glass of coke for your kids.

Our Pub is not only famous for our food and drinks, It is also famous for our interesting history, This restraunt was build in the earlier 1800 which was a very long time ago, This was first built as a police station back in the earlier days, Capturing criminals and keeping them in cells in terrible conditions. People say if you go upstairs they here and see things. The local people around here nickname this pub ' The haunted house' Due to the fact people believe this haunted from it's history. This is another reason why our Pub and Restraunt are well known the locals and visitors

Marvelous Muggs Restaurant & Pub features Classic American fare including Steaks, Seafood, Burgers, Salads, and more in a Pub setting. We Pride Ourselves on using the freshest highest quality ingredients for our Menu.
Our Restaurant serves Lunch and Dinner Daily. We Feature a Full Service Bar and Private Dining Rooms for Business or Casual Events. It is our Intention to make sure Every Guest is 100% Satisfied with their Experience.
Thank you for your visit to and we hope to see you soon at the Restaurant!