Planning the Perfect Wedding

You don't need to have asian wedding planners in order to have an Asian themed wedding because irrespective of your cultural roots, you can always plan such a wedding and have fun with it! This type of wedding theme is best for those who have a strong inclination to the Chinese or fusion themes. A very popular theme option for weddings would be the Asian-Fusion theme wedding, which is the perfect blend of Chinese and Japanese elements together. If you want to have a unique wedding, one that your guests would remember for years to come, then you should plan a wedding with such a theme.

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If you want an Asian fusion themed wedding then it is important to follow this theme right from the start. This means that the invitations that you send out should have strong Chinese and Japanese elements. You can spend some time researching on the internet about symbols and motifs that symbolizes love or marriage and then incorporate these into the wedding invitation card. A good example would be the Chinese double happiness symbol.

And now, for the actual wedding venue; you need to pay even more attention to this part as it is the primary event. The venue should have orchid flowers, lucky bamboo plants, Shoji paper lanterns, vibrantly coloured paper parasols and so on. Hanging Shoji paper lanterns at the venue would not only give a creative splash of colours to it but also serve as unique light fittings, which are required if your wedding party is in the evening.

Don't forget about your guests when planning an Asian themed wedding because it is most important that they have a good time at your wedding party. In case of outdoor venues, paper parasols would be great for your guests to ensure that they stay cool in the hot weather. Also, you can provide a pair of chopsticks along with the regular cutlery to provide your guests with a different way of enjoying the wedding banquet.

You can also throw in some beautiful Asian accents to the wedding venue such as Origami cranes, river stones, Asian lilies, motifs of dragons and phoenixes, etc. Also, keep in mind that red is an auspicious colour for the Chinese, therefore it should be the dominant colour in case of your wedding venue. Also, if your budget is flexible enough then you should have the wedding planners create a small zen water fountain at the venue which would provide people with photo op.